Things to Keep in Mind While Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

Riding a bike is a joyful experience, but there are hardly any bikers who prefer riding in the rain. Apart from the wet feeling of water down our backs ruining our clothes, bikers agree that driving in the rain can be dangerous. However, as long as it’s not raining so hard that visibility is compromised, or if it’s not accompanied by a really strong wind, the ride will be, for most part, fine.

Dress for the Occasion

Riding in the rain is a bit difficult that riding under a normal weather, so dressing up for the occasion is important. You must dress appropriately to keep the rain away as much as possible. Wearing normal trousers and jacket is not enough, unless it’s drizzling outside. If’s it’s raining steadily, you’ll get wet quickly, making it intensely uncomfortable. Rain-proof clothes are the way to go, because it will keep the water away. Making sure that your helmet covers your face to keep your visibility steady.

No Road Rushing

During rains, the roads are wet and this causes tires to skid and slid. You could end up seriously hurting yourself and nearby bystanders. In general, slippery roads become even more slippery when it rains, especially white and yellow lines. There you must be careful while riding your motorcycle on the road, keeping a consistent speed and not go overboard. Check your tires, avoiding the slick tires before the journey. Also keeping an eye out for potholes and manholes and you should be safe on the road. Also, avoid puddles at all costs. It might be fun to ride right through them and splash water everywhere. But puddles can be deep and you might fall right into a deep hole.

Watch the Rainbows

For the first rains of the season, the roads will be the slipperiest. There will be a lot of dirt and oil on the road, which make it so hard to navigate. The rainbow colors on the road that you see? Those are oil spills, and they will make you skid and lose control. The best way to avoid such a dangerous situation is to wait for a couple of hours before going for a ride. The water will clear up the road properly and then riding in the rains would be relatively easier. Nature is partly on your side in this situation for riding your motorcycle.

Brake Properly, or Break your Bones

When braking, you need to brake gentler than you normally would on a regular day. Also, brake using your rear brakes more than your front ones, for if the front wheel slides, you’ll tumble over and really hurt yourself. Sliding rear wheels, on the other hand, can be easily corrected. Braking gently will also prevent your bike from slipping out of your control. You must also take care to keep a decent distant between you and the vehicle in front of you because braking takes a longer distance in the rain.

Aside from the fun factor, sometimes you ned to ride your bike in the rain. Wearing proper, visible clothes, relaxing the rain while being alert at the same time will help you enjoy the ride in the cool weather.

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