The Most Common Issues with Motorcycle Helmets

The long winding roads, you on your beloved bike with just the wind and the sunshine for company. Quite an epic love story but for a teeny tiny detail that’s missing from the picture, yes the helmet. Helmets are important. Period. Let us look into some of the commonly asked questions about helmets,

Why Are Helmets So Important? (It Ruins the Hairstyle!)

Wear a helmet, seriously, unless you want to subject your face to an onslaught of wind, rain, sunshine and bugs or worse get your skull smashed!

Ok, they’re important, but what kind of helmet should I buy? Well here are your options; Full face helmets protect your entire face, and thus undoubtedly the safest option available. Next are the motocross helmets which allow more movement and flexibility. The flip or modular models combine the best of full face and open helmets but the heavy duty design can be a problem.

How do I know My Helmet is Reliable? (What Do Motorcycle Safety Ratings Mean?)

Reliability and toughness are the two basic things you’d want in any helmet. Countries such as Europe and America use the ECE 22.05, DOT and AUS 1698-2006 codes, these ratings signify that the helmets have the primary safety features. If you’re looking for something safer, go for a SNELL or SHARP codes that are certified by colour codes and star ratings.

My helmet squishes my head. That’s not normal right?!

No, that’s not normal, if the helmet doesn’t fit your head properly replace it with a bigger one. Tight fitting helmets can cut off blood circulation and cause killer headaches. You can create some space by removing the inner lining and additional pads. You can even a custom made helmet if you have a few extra bucks to spare.

How Do I keep My Helmet Good Ss New?

Keeping the helmet shiny and intact is a problem every biker struggles with. No matter how high-key the model is, lack of adequate maintenance is sure to take toll on your beloved possession sooner or later. Even a slight crack on the framework renders it useless, so treat your helmet well. Of course you have no control over depreciation but there are some steps that sure slow down the process:

  • Treat your helmet like your baby, handle it carefully. Don’t hold it by the chin bar, it damages the straps and seals
  • Wipe it gently with a wet cloth, helmets too have feelings! (not really, but scrubbing the surface can lead to ugly scratches!)
  • Avoid using detergent or soap for cleaning the helmet, there are special polishes and waxes, use them.
  • Wear a cap or bandana to reduce the sweat and bacterial accumulation in the inner linings

I wear glasses. Will that be a problem?

Geeky rider? Sexy! On a serious note, no your glasses won’t be a problem. So don’t worry you don’t have to part with your beloved bike just because you have a weak eyesight. If your glasses don’t fit or feel uncomfortable under the helmet, then you can always get specially designed goggles that not only improve your vision but also look pretty cool!

What is Helmet Loudness?

Helmet loudness is directly proportional to the wind resistance. The fancy extensions on your helmet such as wings and other protrusions actually contribute to all that annoying noise! Go for more aerodynamic designs that have comparatively lesser vents. You can also pick out helmets that have Styrofoam lining to block out the loudness

What are the Complementary Accessories that Go with Helmets?

There are specialized earplugs for blocking out the unnecessary noises, tinted visor, padded helmet bags, communicators for talking to other riders, duct tape and so much more! And though it’s not mandatory that you get them, these accessories sure make life easier

Would Wearing a Helmet Break My Neck?

No! On the contrary helmets protect you from injuries; they are specially designed to bear the maximum impact of the fall in case your vehicle topples. It cushions your head protecting you from fatal injuries.

The Bottom Line:

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a veteran helmets are an indispensable part of your biking attire. Shout out to all the bikers who choose safety over style!

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