How to Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

Your helmet is definitely one of your trusted companions on long routes, whether scenic or not. It feels every emotion of riding with you, whether it is the feeling of wind on your face (and the grime that comes with it) or the sweat you built up on a hot and humid day. It is advised you clean it once in a while, and do so in such a manner that it does not meddle with the safety of the helmet.

Ways to Clean Your Helmet

The first one up is the shell. It is honestly the easiest part to clean. All you have to do is rinse or sponge off the dirt and grime off of it with lukewarm water. However you have to be careful to not rub it too harshly or it may scratch the surface. You can use a mild soap on your sponge if some of it is particularly hard to get off. Otherwise letting a warm washcloth soak the dirt should do the trick.

Now comes the trickier bit. Washing the helmet lining and padding can be messy and inconvenient, even more so if they are not removable.

In case of removable padding, the process is pretty straightforward. You take the padding out, put it in the washing machine, and let it to the job. However there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Make sure you wash it on a low temperature, in ‘gentle’ or ‘hand wash’ mode. Use a mild detergent and an anti-bacterial cleaner.

If your helmet has non removable lining, then it gets a bit tricky. It is a lot messier and not as clear-cut. First of all, remove all the removable parts of the helmet so that they do not get damaged. Now soak your helmet in a mild soap solution, of lukewarm water for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Soaking will loosen up the grime and the grit considerably so that it will come off easily. After you have soaked your helmet for a sufficient time, start cleaning it by gently rubbing the padding with your hands to get the dirt off.  Keep at it for a while; you will be rewarded with the sight of muddier water and cleaner lining. Now rinse it off with clean water. Make sure you get the last of the soap residue off.

It is best if you let it air dry. Hang it out in the open or spread the parts in front of a table fan. The more you are careful the better. Make sure that each and every part is completely dry before assembling it all back.


Hope this helps you in cleaning your helmet. Remember, not taking care of your helmet is only one way of ruining it. The other is to not take care of it properly. Try avoiding all kinds of chemicals or solvent based cleaners on your helmet. Do not scrub off bug residues, always let it soak and then remove gently. Do not put any part of your helmet in the dryer, always air dry. Don’t even use dryer sheets; they leave a chemical residue in the lining. Be as gentle as possible in handling your helmet.

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