Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmet Reviews – Excellent Choices for the Ladies

TL;DR: 3 Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmets in Our Opinion:

Escaping to a location far away from my city on my two wheeler is the most ideal weekend getaway for me. I’ve been into solo tripping since I was 19 and since then my penchant for speed has only flourished. You don’t simply think of the surrounding while thundering down the highway because you’re that deeply absorbed into the thrill. But imagine, what if you lose the balance and hit a truck or the other way around? Bam! Safety comes first, make sure to wear a strong, well-fitted helmet every time you’re riding a motorcycle to resist the impact during a collision. Some people think when it comes to motorcycle helmets solely designed for women bikers, the choices are very limited.

With the introduction of cutting edge technology in helmet making, leading manufacturers have started moving beyond the pinkish, girly graphics and frame bold and stylish badass helmets for the badass women motorcyclists who always look for something out-of-the-box. The best motorcycle helmets for women are principally similar to helmets for men save the structure, style and colour. The diameter of ladies’ bike helmets are kept shorter strategically because of the small and narrow bone structure of the female face and head. Before heading to the store or visiting an e-commerce website to purchase that perfect helmet for you, take this article for a spin before concluding a decision.

Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmets in Our Opinion

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Women's Helmet




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Nexx XR1R


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Bell Vortex Monarch


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WOW Street Bike Helmet


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X4 Sports Motorcycle Helmet


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Reviews of the Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

Editor's Rating:

It’s not one of cuty, over-the-top girly, embellished with pink graffiti sort of helmet. The appealing bold black aesthetics reflects your inner calling to the world while revving up your fashion quotient. For the interiors, the manufacturer has used foam that contours itself easily according to the shape of your face. Nexx houses 5 comfy pads keeping a gap of 2 mm to 4 mm between each layer. The super awesome ventilation system utilizes three vents. One is located at the top, one close to the chin bar along with an extra exhaust vent. 

For crystal clear visibility, it features a wide eye-port. Love solo tripping far from the humdrum of city life? Nexx XR1R devises an effective noise reducing air pocket liner to stop external noise from reaching inside the helmet. You can also mount an additional sound system on either sides of the helmet to croon over your very own playlist during the trip.

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Lookwise, this one may not seem to be something extraordinary. The class is revealed when you start analyzing the state-of-the-art features offered by it. The cheek pads used in this model is unarguably the best in the business, reducing the strain on your neck and back to minimal. The pads are easily adjustable to the shape of your face, moreover, the sweat-absorbent liners always keep the environment inside the frame breathable and refreshed. The retractable anti-fog sun visor is a perfect solution to bright sunlight, UV rays and blinding fog, allowing optimal visual clarity irrespective of the weather conditions.

Oh, did I mention that there is also a breath deflector fitted inside the helmet? Finally, the aspect that really helps this models stand out in the competition is the multiple advanced vent technology. There are 2 vents placed on the forefront and two at the back designated to improve air circulation for lessened humidity.

Editor's Rating:

If you have been into bikes and biking accessories for some time now, Bell is a name you’ve certainly come across. Nobody beats Bell in designing class apart fancy helmets for general as well as off-road biking. Vortex Monarch’s signature wind collar is a feature worth a hundred accolades. The inner area of the shell is generously padded with removable and washable liners. These liners possess anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties to ensure your hair and skin remain unharmed in high temperature and humidity.

How sweet! The application of Velocity Flow technology to heighten the air circulation inside the head gear was a heart-winning strategy by the designers’ team. Surprises don’t end here. There’s also a well-functioning noise and temperature control feature in your helmet to keep your comforted when you’re driving for long hours at a stretch.

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Everything about a WOW Street Bike Helmet invokes a 'wow' factor. The WOW designs are ever-evolving to cater to the ever-changing taste of our female bikers. The stability of the helmet in motion is very good. The practical application of all the features in this equipment also deserves some praise. Okay, now let’s move onto the more serious parts. The outer shell of this bike helmet is made from a premium quality thermoplastic alloy. This material offers meagre wind resistance and brilliant aerodynamics for incredible comfort in sticky painfully hot weather conditions. 

The paint used on the shell reserves UV protectant nature for which the helmet doesn’t turn lacklustre due to the radiation. The comfortable cheek padding is convenient to remove and wash. You will never have to worry about sweat odor when you have this Wow Street Bike Helmet.

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Shoei is the undisputed king of aesthetically sound, feature-loaded, ultra-safe motorcycle helmets since ages. Metallic Neotec is a gender-neutral, dynamic and stylish modular helmet for guys and girls. The red wine colour version is a rage among women bikers all over the globe. This aerodynamically superior helmet utilizes a convertible or flip-flop design with a large field display screen for unhindered glance of the road. 

The retractable sun visor effectively blocks the harsh sun rays from damaging the delicate skin of women. The flip-flop chin bar is hassle-free to operate and the face shield can be pivoted up and down easily when required.

Editor's Rating:

This kind of solid helmets become a life-saver when you’re spinning the wheels in a rough terrain. X4 is a delightful fusion of cute design and sound functionality. The DOT approved helmet chooses tough polycarbonate shell to build the shell of the helmet. The shell reduces the impact to a great extent during a nightmare scenario on road. The lightweight of the helmet renders impeccable aerodynamics while making the gear snug in your head. 

Regular washing of removable liners would ensure good riddance from sweat stink and stickiness despite of long hours of driving. This wonderful helmet filled with goodness can be yours for a reasonable pocket-pinch.

Types of Women’s Helmets

Three quarter (3/4th) shell or open face helmet

Who doesn’t love to feel the gush of wind whooshing past the face during a bike ride? An open face helmet let’s you feel the vibe without compromising the safety in any way. The three fourth design covers the entire head area except the face. The eyes are exposed to the environmental elements like debris, dust and sun rays, therefore I refuse to call it a better choice than full face gears.

Nonetheless, if you are not much into high speed biking, a three fourth helmet will do you well enough. The outer shell sealing the top and back of the head is usually made from a scratch-resistant, lightweight polycarbonate material. The interior, laden with Styrofoam cushions the head and saves you from feeling claustrophobic in the most humid weather

Full face helmet

A full helmet is the grand daddy of road safety. The shell covering the head, sliding down to the neck coils back around the chin, leaving no gap. It integrates a protective sun visor for visual clarity and blockage of damaging UVA and UVB rays. Tinted sun visors reflect the sunlight and adjust the brightness level. For less distractions, the helmet visor can be flipped up or down effortlessly for ultimate convenience of the wearer.

Now, the lack of proper ventilation, full coverage of ears and face muscles are some pretty serious shortcomings of these kinds of helmets. Nevertheless, nothing beats full-face models in terms of protection. When you’re rushing at a massive speed of 100 MPH, you can’t settle for anything less than perfection.

Off road helmet

There are no off-road helmets exclusively for ladies, the best models available in the market Off-road helmetare unisex helmets. This sort of headgears is structurally much sturdier and durable than any other type due to its application for in danger-filled sports like motocross. Performing bike stunts or riding off the pavement is a risky affair, unless you have a taut fit full helmet to shield your head, you may end up getting seriously injured.

The full helmet features a partially open front to allow unbarred airflow inside the shell. It also creates room for putting on sunglass to complete your swaggy biker look and block the debris and mud from hindering your eyesight at the same time.

Modular helmets

A modular helmet infuses the best features of a full face and an open face helmet in an effort to serve you with the most satisfactory bike riding experience. The convertible design allows you the liberty to switch it from full face to open face mode by simply pulling the hood up or down.

When the roads poses challenge in every turn, simply pivot down the face shield and when want to inhale some fresh wind, do the other way round. Many latest modular helmets now-a-days are upgraded with Bluetooth intercom and quality music system for bike-to-bike communication, music and GPS navigation.

Half face helmets

Nefariously known as “shorty”, this kind of designs guarantees the least safety from life-threatening bike accidents. The shell resembles a bowl covering your head without sealing the ears.

The helmet is fitted to the head with the help of nylon straps. Your face remains fully exposed in this case which is a plus point for girls who feel claustrophobic in full helmets. Half helmets meet the minimum safety requirements of a country or state.

Things to pay attention to while choosing a women’s helmet

Protection is the priority

I guess you already know that. Still, I would never stop stressing on the importance of buying a helmet that acts like a shield against impact during a crash. The Styrofoam material compressed inside the helmets helps slowing down the head when it’s about to hit the ground or any other surface. The outer shell is the first line of defense in any helmet. It’s critical to examine the quality of the material carefully, impact-resistance capability before anything else. Next thing to be concerned about is the cheek pads and right fitting. It should neither feel too loose, other it would easily fly off from your head when the speed goes up. On the other hand, wearing a very tight helmet is like exploring a whole new level of discomfort. When the helmet passes through the basic safety test, you may consider add-on features like Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation and MP3 player to explore the fun of biking to the fullest.


DOT (Department of Transportation) safety standard rating demands a helmet to fulfill the minimum safety requirements of the United States’ law. Having a DOT approval means the helmet is safe enough to wear for slow to medium speed biking. SNELL memorial foundation has raised the bar, to obtain a certification from SNELL, the helmet has passed a number of strict quality tests. Products approved by both DOT and SNELL guarantees superior protection from lethal accidents and therefore qualify as the best motorcycle helmets.

Size Matters

Yep, when it comes to motorcycle helmets for both sexes, size really matters. The most renowned manufacturers you’ll hear of boast of a huge collection of helmets of different circumferences to fit every head size. To determine which size will be perfect for you, take a thorough glance at the standard helmet sizing chart provided by the dealers to get a rough idea of the right size. The smartest way to find out the proper helmet is to give a trial to a couple of products. If you’re shopping online, you may go with measuring your head circumference with a measuring tape. Just make sure you’re comfortable with what you’ve put on, that’s all.

Wrapping Up the Ladies’ Motorcycle Helmet Dilemma

Motorcycle helmets are the most vital piece of equipment for the riders, no matter how exhilarating or slow the speed is, keeping the head covered is the thumb rule of road safety. The primary function of a good helmet is to save the brain from developing a internal hemorrhage when one flies of the bike and hits a road hard enough during an accident. Please note that a helmet is designed for a single-time use only, it means it fails to resist the impact after one accident. After one accident, even if it’s a minor one, it’s imperative to replace it with a new one. And to those who think that the women can’t drive safely, it’s high time to grow up, people.