Best Motorcycle Speakers in 2018 – Pump Up the Volume!

TL;DR: 3 Best Motorcycle Speakers in Our Opinion:

If you prefer the open rush of a motorcycle over the closeted feel of your car, but miss the music that car rides come with, you might want to look into a pair of motorcycle speakers.

Nothing screams freedom more than the uninhibited speed of your motorcycle. The sheer joy of the movement itself with the wind blowing against you is enough to get you high. Add to that your favorite music blasting through a pair of fitted motorcycle speakers and you have reached paradise. Whatever you would prefer, whether it is biking along the cruise or traveling off-roads, music can add zeal to any terrain.

Unlike normal speakers, those made for your motorcycles are built to counter the rushing sound of the wind at an incredibly high pace and offer you the volume that you require for this experience.

Boss Audio MCBK400 Black 600 Watt

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These are among the best options in motorcycle speakers in the market. With a power output of around 600 watts, these are a pair of handlebar speakers measuring at three inches.

The high wattage allows you to listen to your music at any volume you wish to. The frequency of these speakers ranges from 80 Hz to 15000 Hz. It has an AUX input of 3.5mm which is suitable for MP3 players and smartphones. Thus, other than SD cards and USB Drives, external music systems can be used to play the as well. This has a waterproof remote control system that can easily be installed in a position according to your convenience.

It further includes a pair of RCA inputs. These speakers are suited for 12V motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters.​

Further, the outline is water resistant, though not water proof. But all the parts are sealed coated which prevents moisture from rain or any kind of weather from affecting the speakers. The amplifier system is versatile in its usage amidst different terrains and the pair comes with brackets made of stainless steel that fits into any handlebars that are around 0.75” to 1.25” thick.​

Even though it is not exactly waterproof, the protection accorded should be sufficient for lighter showers. Overall, in performance, it is exemplary and should provide good service for your use if you want to avoid the hassle of motorcycle stereos.​

Shark Shkmsm2050K Black Motorcycle/ Yacht 2 Speakers

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While primarily built for motorcycles, this pair of speakers can be used quite efficiently on ATV’s, scooters, golf carts and water sports vehicles. It has a frequency response ranging from twenty to fifty-kilo hertz. The sensitivity level is around 50 mV at the S/N being 26dB. The frequency range is 87.5 to 108 MHz. The amplifier is of about 100 watts and an FM frequency display.

The amplifier is fitted with an LCD screen that makes it easy to read. Further, it has a built-in FM tuner and antenna. What’s more, these are a pair of waterproof speakers that can endure any kinds of weather. The working voltage of this pair is 10 to 16 VDC.

For control, it has a remote system that is further completely waterproof, so that it can be used underwater and moreover, wireless. It has a USB 2.0 slot and a 5A USB port. Thus, other than its connectivity to FM, it can be fitted with an SD card or even mp3 player for it has its own USB port. Not just this, with its AUX input, it can be used with a plethora of input sources.

It has a pair of mirror brackets, meaning the mounting of these speakers is to your bike’s mirrors and the sound is pretty loud and clear as well. It uses a special marine technology that has low power requirements and will prove a good addition to your bike.

Boss Audio MC470B Chrome 1000 watt

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This is a pair of Bluetooth speakers and an upgraded model of the Boss 420b. They have a dimension of 4 inches by 4.5 inches by 4 inches and will be a perfect fit on your motorcycle handlebars. It further can support advanced audio distribution profile and as previously noted, has a close range Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to use apps such as Pandora and Spotify. 

The latter helps if you want to pair it with headphones or a stereo system and even in data and audio transmission from source to the receiver. It has several input options as well.

The wattage of this pair is incredible at 1000 and consequently, the music is clearly audible. It is well suited to 12V motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters. It has a pair of RCA speakers and 3.5 mm AUX input that can be connected to smartphones and MP3 players. The frequency range of this pair is 80 Hz to15000 Hz. The mounting brackets can be fitted to 0.75” to 1.25” thick handlebars. These are a great pair of weatherproof speakers that has a remote control system as well.

However, as opposed to waterproof, these are only water resistant like the Boss MC400B. This can deal with lighter splashes of water, but a heavy shower will damage your speakers.

Boss Audio MC470B Chrome 600 watt

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This pair from Boss is weatherproof with a chrome lining. The wattage of theses speakers is at 600, which means that the sound is loud enough even against heavy noises. The basic design includes a 5 mm AUX input and RCA. It has a 2 channel compact amplifier as well.

The volume control included with this is waterproof and its convenience in use does not let you be distracted. Frequency response ranges from 80 Hz to 15 kHz. It has a pair of RCA inputs as well and 3.5mm AUX input that is compatible with MP3 players and smartphones. Further, it has Bluetooth connectivity which allows audio streaming.

It is fitted with a pair of stainless steel brackets that can be angled at your preference and fitted to handlebars of 0.75” to 1.25” thickness. It is equipped with a wired remote control volume modulation which makes it easier for you to handle the speakers while driving. It is suitable for 12V motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs.

However, for high-speed driving, this might not be the best pair of speakers because often the 10 amp fuse blows out at a mere 120 watts.

Shark SPK 6800 Spks Motorcycle ATV Waterproof Marine Speakers

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This stylish pair of speakers is equipped with mirror brackets and of course, a good audio quality. It is completely waterproof and can even be used underwater if required, granted with a 300 watts power in each speaker.

It has a dimension of 4 by 3 inches and the exterior has a chrome polishing. It has a weight of around 3 pounds and a wattage of 300 watts that works excellently, even at higher speeds.

There are several options for audio input for these speakers and it’s very easy to install as it comes with a convenient user manual. The price is very affordable when you consider the quality and the extra perks as well.

However, even with the good audio, the sound quality is dependent on the area it is played in. Smaller areas will amplify the sound while noise and open surroundings will dispel it a bit. The design differs from most speakers and the packaging is pretty cool and for bike junkies.

What Are Motorcycle Speakers?

Motorcycle speakers are designed particularly for listening to music while riding a motorcycle. Because it is not an inbuilt audio system, it has to be bought and added externally.

However, speakers fitted to a motorcycle do not enjoy the protection of a car and are exposed to the weather, whatever it might be. Further, motorcycles cannot afford much room for such luxuries either. Therefore, the speakers are usually fitted into the handlebars. In this way, the music is carried by the wind to the rider’s ears. And moreover, the rider can easily handle the controls if the speakers are placed on the handlebars.

What to Look for in Your Speakers?

Owing to the manner of their use, several factors require to be considered while choosing your motorcycle speakers. They are built differently from the kind of speakers used at home or your car. Thus, mounting options are important. These speakers are mostly attached to a bike’s handlebars or highway bars. This is more convenient as the sound emanates from the front of the rider. Apart from that, you could go for helmet speakers or Bluetooth motorcycle speakers. Some motorcycle speakers are even mounted at the rear side.

The wattage is another necessary factor that begs speculation. Wattage is electrical power calculated in watts. Watts is the measurement used to determine the volume and as such, it is the one that music systems use. The higher the power provided, the higher will be the volume of the speakers. So you should consider how high a music you want your speakers to provide, before purchasing your speakers. If it is a mere trip through the town, a low watt is good enough. However, on a faster ride (trying to break through the rush of the wind at incredibly high speeds, working against your position), the volume requires being higher.

Another factor that requires being considered is its resistance to weather conditions. As mentioned, motorcycle speakers, unlike other speakers, needs to be built to bear any kind of weather. It has be water resistant so that it can protect the equipment against lighter showers. However, if you want to ride through heavy rain, you should get some waterproof speakers. Even if you are careful not to expose your speakers to the rain, humidity can sink into the electrical parts and cause them be short out.

For your input source, most motorcycle speakers are paired with a head unit. However, apart from that, you can choose speakers that can be fitted with additional inputs like your iPod or a smartphone.

Taking notice of the ergonomics is important as well. The placing of the buttons and further, the type of buttons should be considered. If placed awkwardly, they would be inconvenient for you to operate. Thus, controls should be built so that it is comfortable and easy for the rider to operate even if they have gloves on.

Moreover, it would be an extra perk if your speakers have Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity is necessary if you prefer streaming music. It can also aid in acquiring turn-by-turn GPS navigation. But mostly, this helps in connecting your smartphone to the speakers. This increases portability and reduces the hassle of wires.

While it is not of utmost necessity, a docking system for your iPod or phone would be a cool addition to your set of speakers as well. Moreover, since you are investing in research before buying the speakers, you can look for thumb controls as well, if you prefer them. This will aid you to focus primarily on the road and make it easier to control your music.

While purchasing your speakers, these are some essential features that require being considered. These would add to your entertainment while reducing distraction. It’s brilliant to have good music on a long ride, it’s even better when it would not do to end up in an accident. With the ease of control, as mentioned and less inconvenience, this can be avoided.


Most speakers vary in their audio quality, their dimension, and their wattage. However, these three are very important while analyzing a speaker as these are the primary qualities you would require for a pair of portable music system, especially if you do not want to invest in a motorcycle stereo. However, this is far better than using headphones as it is highly dangerous to drive with your ears plugged.

While speakers provide you with the excitement of music that you might crave, it will not entirely black out your hearing while on the road. Thus, using a pair of speakers not only allows you to enjoy a bit of music but prevents the disasters. It further reduces the risks of ear damage that are so apparent in headphone users. Even so, the sound quality is far more important than the aesthetics even if you want a cool looking pair.

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