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TL;DR: 3 Best Motorcycle Jackets in Our Opinion:

Motorcycle equipment have radically developed these days in order to incorporate a lot more than a simple and cool leather jacket. The days of the Easy Rider are now behind us. While the technology is constantly changing and evolving, more bike enthusiasts than ever are coming up. This has resulted in several choices for the most suitable jacket for your rambling highway sessions. Choosing the correct gear can help you navigate the various hurdles and kinds of weather that Mother Nature might have in store for you. Since there are a lot of colors, design, storage, ventilation, and fabrics to select from now, choosing the best jacket for riding a bike has become a bit complicated.




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Xelement CF 380 Armored

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A traditional black bike armor built with a Tri-Trex fabric with a 600 Denier chassis, this one screams durability. A high performance laminated fabric increases the ventilation of the jacket which is highly comfortable. It further features a new level of improved technology with the level-3 armour and extra protective pads on the shoulders, arms and elbows. The lightweight, slimly built jacket has an ergonomic design along with its stylish feature. If leather is not your calling, this fabric jacket is the deal for you. It would not have the stiffness of the former.

This protection that has been accorded to the armour is CE approved that has passed several impact tests. So you won’t need to worry about its credibility. The padding on the upper and lower back and your shoulder and arms and the form of the jacket allow increased absorption of impact in case of a fall. This would cushion you against the surface of the ground and protect you to some extent. The mesh lining is for breathability. However, if its not needed, it has the advantage of being removable. So is the quilted liner. You can take it off if you wish.

The jacket is littered with pockets which is obviously a nifty feature. You can carry your phone, earphones etc on your body. Further, the pockets are zipper, thus adding a level of security to your things. They won’t fall off during a speedy ride or when you pull through the curves on the road. The jacket is further equipped with straps that can be adjusted with its Velcro feature. You will have a snug fit with this on. And the cuffs won’t flap at high speeds. That could be bothersome for you. Overall, the beauty of this jacket is its unique building material that allows better perforation and a softer feel. However, it is monochromatic. So if you are in to a versatility in shades, the aesthetics might not appeal to you that much.

Firstgear Rush

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Apart from the radioactive DayGlo, this jacket is also available in silver and black. Waterproofing is its biggest success, considering that this is a budget jacket. When you open up the main zipper, you will find two flaps, and then the waterproof casing.Along with the seam lined waterproof layer for wet weathers, for warmer climates, there is a zipped vent on both the shoulders as well as a large exhaust on the back side. 

But because the waterproof membrane is not detachable, it can’t breathe all that well even if we open up all of the vents available. Contouring it to your form is easy enogh with the single hand operational waist belt adjustability.

Moreover, the armor on the shoulders and elbows is quite functional and approved by the CE, but its back pad is like a used tissue paper.

However, keep in mind that you usually don’t get a jacket that good at this price, and you can always update the back pad. The best feature about this jacket is that, it is not specific to a particular season. You can detach or add the required protective bits, whether its summer, monsoon or fall.

Motorcycle Full Body Armour Protector

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This one can be easily featured on your cross-country ride with its classy, ergonomic design built for added durability above all else.Now on to the list of its features – A Lycra mesh, supplying the required brethability does not let the sweaty cloying sensation accumulate on your torso making it usable for constant use over longer periods. The waist is equipped with extra thick pads for cushioning a fall.

And a layer of elastic PVC and an EVA foam cushions your delicate parts like the spine, the back and your wrists against accidents to some level. The back and waist protections, while helpful can be cumbersome as well. You can take it off if its unnecessary for you. The high quality plastic buttons and a waist belt for extra cushioning with adjustable straps wraps the armour snugly around your bodice.

It also has a pretty decent protection to offer. The armor on its elbows and shoulders is may not be very soft, you definitely won’t notice it when you are riding. So I guess I can allot it a passing grade. With its leaner appearance, it accords a cooler appearance to your outfit and if you are a professional biker, you can easily opt this as a reasonable option.

Tourmaster Saber 4

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This one has an invisible breathable and waterproof barrier with one 500-denier chassis that you can’t remove. You can see reflective piping through the arms as well as across its chest, and the waist straps are adjustable with the help of TPR pulls that is good for flexibility while maintaining the patented durability. The armour is a zip out removable one. The neck and the cuffs feature a microfiber lining which doubles its air circulation and durability at the same time. Sweat accumulation on the neck line and the cuffs are the most irritating sensation ever.

A double wind flap on the zipper adds to its protection against rust and water while improving the looks of the jacket. A motorcycle jacket after all has to look cool. The zippers themselves are YKK manufactured rendering them of some of the finest quality. Straps on the biceps and forearms lets you secure the fit of the armour to your comfort and structure. You won’t be stuck with a stiff or floppy fit. The armour has a ¾ external layer that is basically its waterproofing feature.

But it’s not too warm a material as it is only a 100 grams of polyfill. The detachable armoring, on the other hand, is quite good and approved by the CE. There is a multiple density back protector which, strangely enough, looks like a rocket ship. Overall, in terms of comfort, fit, protection and appearance, this one is a definite winner. You can give it a try.

FOX Titan Sport Jacket

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Manufactured by Fox Racing, this motorcycle jacket looks nothing less than a battle suit. It has been ingeniously designed and is very comfortable to wear as it can be customized according to the wearer’s body. You get a bunch free and accurate fit in which to move with its main body made up fully of mesh. You can conveniently wear and take it off with its central zipper. The arms, shoulders, back, and chest are covered by a solid plastic plating. It truly becomes a battle suit with the cleverly designed ventilation areas. It comes in handy for high speed, long way riding, off-road biking, and motorcycling.

This CE certified motorcycle jacket will provide your arms, shoulders, back, chest and body with a wholesome protection. It comes with an Anatomic high impact 2 piece chest plate made up of plastic, high impact elbow and shoulder coverage, and a detachable articulated back also of plastic. All of this armor will definitely prove to be a lifesaver in situations of risk.

Categories of Motorcycle Jackets


The eternal leather jacket is the most popular choice. It will never leave your side, no matter if you’re on a sportbike, a V-twin, or a Harley on the track. This resistance to abrasion and durability is precisely the reason for it being a classic choice. Its toughness does a really good job of protecting you against the pavement. Modern day leather jackets have a lot of armor inserted inside them. Their accordion panels permit them flexibility in the elbows, shoulders, waist, back and sides.

Perforation is absolutely necessary for tropical climates, so leather jackets have many kinds. You can go for perforation only in the key areas, full perforation, or vents that are zipper closable. The latter ones are multi-purpose, as they will adapt to all weather conditions. You can also choose whether you want a lined jacket or not. If you prefer versatility, you can opt for removable liners.


These jackets are available in a lot of materials such as fully ventilated mesh to super tough and closely woven fabric that is at par with leather. The textiles of this space age have brought in inexpensive and lightweight riding jackets which can sometimes also parallel the abrasion resistance found in leather. A lot more features that are in common with leather jackets can be found in these as well.

However, mesh textiles and any other woven fabrics provide remarkable savings on the weight front in comparison to leather jackets. Another benefit is that these can be purchased for a considerably less amount than leather jackets. You will find yourself pretty comfortable and cool if you happen to be in the southern USA. They are also fully waterproof for protection against rain and are incorporated with warmth liners.

Off-road and Adventure

These are tough and durable enough to combat the rocks, trees, dirt and any other elements, meant for going off the pavement.

Heated Riding Jackets

These are useful in facing cold temperatures and rains. They come in handy if the weather is not a deterrent for you, or if your living place isn’t warm.

Factors to Remember When Purchasing a Motorcycle Jacket

  • Reflectives

You will find either reflective piping or narrow bands of reflective stuff along the seams on most of the motorcycle jackets. They shine brightly whenever they come into contact with light. The cautionary thing is that they generally light up in the direction of the light. So check that they are positioned in such a manner that they are visible to any other rider on the road, otherwise they won’t be as effective.

  • Armor

Integrated armor, which is what you usually get in the cheapest jackets, is simply not good enough. You need armor pockets at the shoulders and the elbows, as well as back padding. A variety of armor is available easily these days, such as plastic over foam, memory foam, and dual density foam.

  • Fit

Jackets are available in three variants of length. The ones that are shortest hardly cover your belts. You should ideally go for one that has a longer tail in the back so as to prevent jacket from riding up and exposing your skin to the elements. The medium length jackets overlap considerably with your trousers. Jackets designed for cold weather and touring have even more overlap as they typically cover your crotch area completely. You should also get a jacket that fits you snugly, meaning that the armor is in sync with your forearms and shoulders. It should also be steady enough to hold its place in a crash.

  • Weather

Mesh fabric may be a new phenomenon, but they do a good job of protecting you from your street speeds. Ensure that the mesh panel is located in places where the wind hits you, such as your chest and back. They are also available with warm and rain liners, which totally expands the range of usability of your jacket by removing or adding layers. Waterproof or winter jackets have a coating on the inside which prevents water ingress through the taped seams. They are extremely bulky and warm, so they can get troubling if you are off your bike for some time and are simply walking around.

Final Verdict

If you are a rider, a good quality riding jacket can prove to be a great investment for you. There is a jacket for everyone, whether your primary consideration is utility, weather resistance, protection, look or comfort. I hope this buying guide will help you find your way to the right jacket. And don’t ever neglect this part of your motorcycle gear, as they keep you protected during your adventures.

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