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You know you’re obsessed with your bike when a slight scratch on its surface hurts more than the worst of cuts and bruises. And why not? Bikes have been a constant companion supporting you along the long and winding roads under the sunshine with the wind ruffling your hair. A beast made of metal, a motorbike is every guy’s first love! From its sturdy construction to stylish and durable framework, everything about a motorcycle screams out toughness and raw power.

But do you really know all about the intricate workings and technicalities of your automobile? The engine, gears, and clutch are just a few of the major components that contribute to the performance of the bike. There’s so much more than that! The motorcycle battery, for instance, determines the power consumption and fuel efficiency of the machine. A good battery also enhances the longevity of the bike supporting it through rough terrain. Therefore, it is imperative that you consider the quality and energy quotient of the battery Read on to know more about the general features and specifications of motorbike batteries and the best brands available in the market:




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Yuasa YTZ10S

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When it comes to bike batteries, Yuasa is a pretty popular name among both amateur and professional bikers. And the YTZ10S is a favorite among bikers from all over the world, well known for its compact, competent and compatible construction. The relatively small framework can be easily adjusted anywhere and supports even the sleekest of bikes. The structure is also pretty easy to remove, install and replace in case of any damage.

A gel based sealed battery unit, this Yuasa model doesn’t need to be refilled regularly with distilled water. And the additional built in plates set on the inside of the 8.6A unit boost the power potential considerably.

Battery Tender BTL14A240C

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Your search for an energy efficient and long lasting bike battery model ends here! The BTL14A240C model launched by Battery Tender can outlast most lead batteries and solve all energy issues in a jiffy! Armed with powerful AGM units and amazing gel based lightweight lithium iron phosphate construction, this Battery Tender model can handle all sorts of motorbike movements. This high-tech smart battery unit is a welcome change from the old and obsolete lead-acid models that can be quite hazardous and messy. 

The waterproof, crack resistant and compact battery unit is pretty versatile as well and can support other devices other than the motorbike. From lawn movers to dirt bikes and scooters, you can run everything with the Battery Tender!

ThrottleX Batteries HDX30L

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The ThrottleX batteries are tailor made for heavy-duty motorbikes such as Harley Davidson, however, it can even support smaller and simpler models as well. The HDX3OL battery unit is another of ThrottleX’s launches that has gained quite a reputation among both budding and hardcore bikers. The tough framework and all metal construction of the unit, along with the high fiber and plastic covering offers absolute protection against any kind of leakage and overheating. 

The gel based design ensures minimum maintenance, while the fuel-efficient construction saves on money. The device can also be easily charged and is compatible with almost any kind of power source.

Odyssey PC680-P Battery

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Odyssey is a famous brand among bikers who are looking for a long lasting and efficient motorbike battery unit. The PC680-P model in question features a non-spill AGM design and deep cycle battery construction. A smarter and lot better alternative than the conventional old school bike battery models, this unit is lighter, stronger and sturdier. The Odysseys model enhances the bike’s lifespan. 

The customizable features help you control extremities of temperature easily. Also, don’t fall for its surprisingly compact and small framework, it holds a lot of power capacity and can support the bulkiest of bikes! This model is said to be among the most power efficient units in the market- the vibration resistant, shock proof framework can support any kind of climatic conditions.

YTX12-BS Motorcycle Battery

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Very similar to the Chrome bike battery models, the YTX12-BS is a high-performance, sealed gel based motorcycle unit that features a calcium alloy framework and glass mat technology construction. Considered to be among the oldest and most dependable of brands, this model helps you get the best out of your bike. It prevents spillages and leaks, adding on to your bike’s longevity.

Also, the heavy duty commercial grade unit comes with OEM compatibility and is certified by all the authentic sources. High on performance and low on maintenance, this iGel based battery unit is absolutely safe and offers an impressive fuel capacity.

Bike batteries have been in business ever since their creation in the early 19th century. Back then only conventional gravity cell batteries were in use, but with the advancements in technology, there were new and improved models launched in the market. Today we see energy efficient and hassle free gel based battery units that reduce the risks of heating and leakages. Also, these battery models are more power saving and eco-friendly than any of its peers.

They are an indispensable part of any automobile. Thanks to these smart and robust batteries you can now enjoy long and uninterrupted rides along rough terrains without worrying about a breakdown in the middle of nowhere! Now that you know everything about bike batteries, have a look at the best brands in the market.

All About Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle batteries are relatively smaller than car ones and hence, have a shorter lifespan. Now, there are two main types of bike batteries namely, conventional or wet batteries and maintenance free ones.

Conventional batteries feature electrolytes that need to be checked on periodically, also the distilled water must be replaced at regular intervals. Wet batteries are considerably weaker and prone to leakages and external damage. However, they are a bit on the cheaper side and found in almost all old-school motorbike models. You can even do away with the distilled water cases altogether and switch over to gel batteries that are better suited for custom made motorbikes.

The maintenance free batteries, on the other hand, are more versatile and flexible to the needs of heavy-duty motorbikes such as the Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson. The sealed packed frame reduces the risk of spillages while the stainless steel construction prevents rusting and corrosion. The maintenance free battery models were specially designed to battle the heat and vibrations of the engine and hence, a smart option for bikers.

How Does It Work?

The most common form of motorcycle battery is the lead/acid flooded battery. These traditional wet battery units feature a set of electrodes that have to be replaced on a regular basis. The battery cells are all connected at the base and submerged in distilled water. When electricity is passed through them, the lead plates produce positive and negative charges in the presence of an electrolyte (distilled water and sulphuric acid). This energy is then harnessed and utilized by the devices connected to the battery.

In case of gel or sealed battery units, you don’t have to deal with any of the mess. The AGM models don’t feature the electrodes and cells submerged in distilled water solution. It uses a glass mat technology instead- it is a shock absorbent material that cushions the blow, thereby, reducing the force with applied on the lead plates.

Tips for Selecting a New Battery

Winters are perhaps the toughest times for motorbike batteries you need to put in a lot of time and effort to ensure smooth functionality and efficiency. Discussed below are some easy tips on how to replace your motorbike motor and increase its longevity.

Most motorbike batteries can work smoothly for about 2-3 years before they need to be replaced. Once you’ve decided the battery type (the ones mentioned above), the next step is to check its compatibility with your bike’s CCA or cold cranking amp requirement. The CCA measures the battery’s power at zero degrees Fahrenheit, i.e. when the battery is at its lowest. After you’ve checked the CCA consider the physical dimensions and age of the battery. Go for one that is less than 6 months old.

Before you install the new battery ensure that the old one is properly disposed of. You can’t just dump it in the dustbin, the toxins can cause severe damage to the environment. Sell it at a second-hand shop or send it for recycling.

General Features and Perks of a Motorbike Battery

Whether it is a traditional wet battery, a sealed battery or a modern gel-based one, bike batteries have their fair share of pros and cons. Let us have a look at the main benefits of installing a bike battery in your motorbike:

Energy Efficient​

The best thing about bike batteries is the power efficiency it provides. All kinds of motorcycle battery models ranging from simple wet distilled water based ones to lithium or lead batteries have one thing in common, they all save on fuel. This energy efficiency of the device also reduces the environmental pollution and save a lot on money.

Reliable and Durable​

The sturdy constructions and tough framework of the bike batteries can support even the most heavy-duty motorbikes. You can order custom made battery models as well that offer extra stability and support. The gel based or sealed batteries can be mounted at any angle, unlike conventional ones that can crack under pressure and cause quite a mess.

Tough Construction​

The stainless steel framework and simple compact construction further add on to the overall toughness of the bike batteries. Especially the gel based or sealed battery models that are lightweight, portable and can adapt better to the changing climatic conditions. Also, bike batteries add on to the longevity of the motorbike, you can now ride for longer distances without worrying about the fuel consumption and performance​

Overcharging Tolerance​

Lead acid batteries can be connected easily to any power source and usually hold the ability to withstand the extremities of charging conditions. They are pretty sensitive to heat and immediately shut down in case of overcharging thus saving on electricity. Also, when a bike battery is fully charged it can prolong the life of the bike and enhance the overall efficiency tenfold!

Easy to Maintain​

Bike batteries are extremely easy to maintain! And the gradual shift from the conventional wet battery models to the more efficient gel based ones has only made matters easier. The sealed battery reduces the risk of leakages and spills- you can install it at any angle and it’ll work just fine!​

What to Look for in a Motorbike Battery?​

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re looking for a new motorcycle battery. And as a newbie or first-time biker, you have a lot to learn. Don’t worry through, read through this ultimate buying guide below and know all about the many features that any competent and robust motorbike battery should have. Given below is a checklist of sorts that defines the basic criterion categories any biker should look for:​

  • The Technical Specifications: The first and foremost thing you must consider is the physical dimensions, power ratings and ampere settings of the battery. The battery must be ideally suited to the bike’s frame and rider’s comfort.
  • The Temperature: The moisture levels and heat also play a major role in determining the longevity and efficiency of the battery. Bikers living in a hot and humid climate must steer clear from the wet batteries as they are most likely to crack or leak under extreme temperatures. Go for a gel or maintenance-free sealed battery models instead.
  • Usage: Riding style and usage define the lifespan of a battery. The motorbike battery must be strong and sturdy enough to support extensive riding and powerful pressure.
  • The Money Factor: Last but definitely not the least, the battery model must be well within your budget. There are a number of brands and battery manufacturing companies that have launched their models in the market, some of them are reviewed below.

The Bottom Line

Motorbikes batteries are an integral part of the framework and ensure proper functioning and efficiency of your automobile. The battery models mentioned above are but a few of the many brands available. Durable, dependable and robust- bike batteries are a smart investment. The lead based, a lithium coated or sealed gel batteries provide extra support and stability to your bike and add on to the biking experience!

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