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TL;DR: 3 Best Motorcycle Backpacks in Our Opinion:

Backpacks! Ah, the mere mention of the word evokes cheerful, sweet and nostalgic memories of school. Yes, that beautiful time when backpacks meant books and tiffin boxes and we zealously protected our tiffin until break time. However, sorry to burst your bubble but there are backpacks used outside school (though I wish they were half as cool) for a variety of other purposes. A popular variant of the sort is the biker’s backpack. Now to understand why a biker might need a backpack, it is important to understand the function of a backpack.

Backpacks are the easiest and most stylish way you can carry a lot of things. The increasing demands of the age have rendered the fact that we select the backpack according to our need just as the wand selects the wizard (winks!). The backpacks for the riders are designed in a fashion keeping the riders’ needs in mind.

The surge in motorcycle riding has more often than translated into a surge in sales of motorcycle backpacks, with more people going out on long rides and in groups. This, in turn, means that the segment has been flooded with numerous variants of bags. Thus, making your choice much harder. Here’s a list of motorcycle backpacks you could consider buying.

Ogio No Drag Mach 5 - Stealth

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As the name emphasizes, this backpack is all about stealth and quietly garnering up loyalty. The Ogio No Drag Mach 5 is equipped with a unique technology that allows unmatched air flow. The exterior is designed in a manner that ensures that there is a minimum wind drag that holds you. The backpack is also completely waterproof and also has a sort of exoskeleton shell that makes it weather resistant.

There are a plethora of compartments in the backpack that allows you to sort things. There are dedicated compartments for your laptops, smartphone and even shoe storage (yes you read that right!)

Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak

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The Fly Racing is the ultimate budget option for a bikers backpack for all you people with a tight budget. Though it never really matches up to the higher end models in terms of features and quality, it still more than makes up for its value in money. The backpack has a reflective material that increases visibility in low-light conditions and at night. There is also a separate section to store an extra helmet on the go. Keeping in mind the high amount of water that you need to carry, it also allows a space for that. The backpack has a voracious capacity and you can fit almost anything u need on the trip into it.

One of the best advantages is the complete lack of back pain when using the backpack. This is something that has always been the downside to longer travels for me. However, using this one, I don’t have to worry anymore.

Alpinestars Defender Backpack

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The Alpinestars Defender Backpack can be used for the dual purpose of everyday use and also for your long motorbike rides. The sturdy built and the durable materials all ensure that it is excellent as a multi-functional and multifaceted use. The polyester material ensures that the material is washable by hands. There are also separate compartments for laptops and other purposes. The new feature of this back pack is, skate straps that can be used as per your needs. 

The backpack is extremely well padded and there are absolutely no issues while carrying heavier loads. The backpack thus justifies its extremely modest cost by being extremely usable and that too at more than one place.

Uni-sex Ultramodern Aluminium Alloy Shield

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If you need a backpack customized especially for bikers, then this one might be your bargain. The one thing that attracts the user the most is it Alloy Shield made from aluminum. The alloy shield is a pleasing addition, and while not much of a looker, the shield keeps the most fragile of your valuables safe and secure.

This is a comparatively a cost-effective choice, thanks to the bare body aluminum shield – it has ample storage to fit your luggage in. The padding of the back pack is excellent in lieu of its efficient padding. The weight is distributed according to one’s body structure to give you a custom made feel. The build quality is satisfying enough for a serious biker.

There is a waist strap as well, which keeps the bag in place while driving. At a minimum pocket-pinch, this is as premium a product can get, and, with a comfortable hold and Aluminium shield, Unisex Ultimate proves to be a reliable and long lasting companion of the road.

Seibertron Motorcycle Rucksack Backpack

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Made from the very durable khaki, the Seiberton product is a backpack unlike anything you have ever seen or will possibly see. This motorcycle backpack has probably the largest capacity ever in terms of bags in this segment. It holds an unbelievable 37L capacity. The space is enough for most of those long road trips you may wish to undertake. The backpack is divided into numerous compartments and pockets and is capable of holding a lot of equipments.

There are multiple straps across the waist and the chest regions that ensure a uniform distribution of load and thus, ease the pressure on your shoulder. And while I might go on providing glowing reports of exactly how perfect the backpack is, I’d just recommend it to those bikers who travel heavy – it’s time you do it in style.

About Motorcycle Backpacks

When riding a bike, it is important that the backpack you carry fits and complements your body. This is important especially for long rides where the straps of the bag tend to be on your shoulders for a much longer period. While an average backpack has two straps, a biker’s backpack will always have multiple due to the reason stated above. The backpacks, apart from being made of materials like leather, nylon or polyester, are also empowered with pockets and compartments of different shapes and sizes, each serving a different purpose. The fact that you might have to carry heavy loads in your backpacks also means that your backpacks are padded to protect your shoulders and back from pain.

So do you really need a biker’s backpack? There is always that time you ask that all important question and here’s a summary of argument which can perhaps help you decide whether or not you should buy a motorcycle backpack. A typical backpack of this type has special features like a greater number of pockets, durability, waterproof and the all-important adjustable straps. There are also compartments for laptops and files which facilitate their use in everyday life. The fact that they are designed to seamlessly transfix with your body allows you to comfortably drive at high speeds.

Before you start searching for the best back pack for your ultimate road trip, take a look at some of the most important features to expect from this accessory.


  • The essentially all weather proof element of the bag makes it an excellent companion in any weather condition.
  • The backpacks are always made with the lingering thought that they shall be used extensively and hence, most of them are made of durable materials
  • Though never custom made, the backpacks are designed in such a manner that they fit onto your body easily and are compatible with anyone.
  • The backpacks are extensively padded and offer a superior protection against excessive pressure on shoulders.
  • Most Biker backpacks have compartments dedicated to carrying laptops, smartphones and other sets of devices.
  • The backpacks are designed in a manner that enables them to adjust the size according to the load. This optimization is an extremely important feature of the Motorcycle backpack.

Factors to Consider While Buying

There are lots of factors you should take into consideration while investing in your motorcycle backpack. You have to broadly take into consideration these following factors while judging on the recommendations.

There are lots of factors you should take into consideration while investing in your motorcycle backpack. You have to broadly take into consideration these following factors while judging on the recommendations.

  • Quality and Durability

While investing in a biker’s back pack, it is always essential that you check out the general quality of the bag, the compartments and their types and also look for added features like file and bottle holders. Some back packs also have bike oriented features like nets for helmets.

  • Load Capacity

In what is excessively confusing, bag capacities like their refrigerator counterparts are measured in liters. This always tends to become a problem as people do not usually have any idea about measuring load in terms of liters. So, while buying the motorcycle backpack, do go through how much the actual capacity of the backpack would be.

  • Comfort and Affability

While comfort really isn’t a factor when it comes to short distances, it is during those long distances that comfort really becomes a factor. It is important that before you buy your backpack, you check it carefully to see if the padding in the straps is comfortable. Among other things, also do check on the design of the strap and how they fit on. Most comfort tests are done in controlled conditions and therefore this is a factor that you need to check in alone.

  • Resistance to Weather Conditions

On the road, one may encounter several types of weather conditions and not all of them may be pleasant. For instance, waterproofing is a feature that you need to be sure your backpack has. Be it snow or rain, your backpack’s waterproofing shall protect all things that you need on the road include essential supplies.

  • Price

Yes, a lot of us buy things on a budget. However, the problem with motorcycle backpacks one can get a large range at an extremely affordable price. It is, therefore, entirely up to you to decide which backpack gives you the most value for money.

  • Styling

Style matters! And because it does, bikers need to be always conscious of their style quotient. No biker worth his salt would ever wish to be caught on the wrong foot when it comes to fashion. It is, therefore, essential that you make sure that you procure a backpack that goes with the essential nature of your personality.

  • Extra Cushioning 

To make the carrying experience smoother, you could always use a little extra cushioning. Keep in mind those things beforehand when you’ve decided on buying a motorcycle backpack. The market is ever expanding, and not everything is the best. Foam cushioning costs more than a padded one, but it costs you the experience which is never the same. Some of them also come with a guarantee, which can always be counted as something more and pleases the customer at the same.

Also, the guarantee assures of the durability of the product, which is an important aspect as well. The songs of the road would not be lingered for long if the backpack cannot stand the dusty winds and muddy rains. Moreover, the quality of a bag is clearly visible to an expert in one glance.

The motorcycle is a dear and near one to you, and it must have cost a fortune – to go with it, you must use something that would not look cheap. Size matters and one should always look for special features like bottle holders and pockets for gadgets. I mean, why not? Also, the bag not only serves the purpose of a carrier, but it works a style statement. In underground bikers’ culture, where they take the sport very seriously (Oh, you would not like it very much to mess with these guys), everything holds a value of importance.

So, it’s only obvious that the backpack comes in a kit, and must be generic in style and quality with the rest of the setup. For this reason, some of you might take a fancy in custom made stuff. That would, however, be a problem, but I hope that the market is large enough to fulfil all your needs. And I can assure you that the backpack you will choose to spend all this time will hold all the baggage and worries so that it never becomes the end of the road for the rider.


It’s a bag full of surprises in backpack industry, perhaps now more than ever. Modern technology that is used nowadays to make motorcycle backpacks and also other kinds of carriers makes sure that the products enable the user with an awesome usage experience. You, the user, are stuck in an unforeseen situation! You have to have the best product in the market, you are a die-hard biking enthusiast and don’t want to compromise on anything. Moreover, you have to keep in mind where your hard-earned money is going. You can always spend some more, but better be cautious and make sure that the product is worth all the extra money. Comfort is the first priority, and the advanced backpacks that adjust according to the amount of luggage and the body shape of the user are always more desired.

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