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It is a basic human instinct that makes us throw out our hands when we trip or fall down or, say, have an accident while riding a bike. Tripping or falling down while walking or running is still tolerable but slipping hands off a speeding and skidding bike is something you never want to go through, especially without the proper gear on. And that is the reason why helmets, gloves, boots and other biking apparel are absolutely necessary for any person who rides a bike. And, let’s face it, a rider looks the coolest when he or she is donned with helmet and leather. So, in the interests of safety as well as cooler looks, let’s check out some of the best-rated pairs of motorcycle gloves in the market.

Held Air N Dry

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This one is perhaps the perfect example of a pair of all-in-one gloves. The palm is crafted with kangaroo leather and is perforated, while the upper part, also perforated, is made of DuPont Cordura, giving you protection, comfort, and great stylish looks all at once. Best of all, there is an integrated and waterproof Gore-Tex divider inside, which, when kept between palm and leather, is waterproof and keeps your hands both dry and warm, whereas, when kept between the Cordura and the back of your hand, gives your palm and fingers the chance to breathe and remain cool by letting air ventilate through the perforated leather during warm climates.

This ingenious and versatile feature makes this pair an ideal one as touring gloves and riding in all climates.Additionally, the index finger has a visor wipe, increasing its utility and reducing the number of stops you have to make in general for that purpose. The knuckles have hard plastic over them that give optimum protection in case of accidents, while the super fabric is sewn into the sides to avoid scraping and abrasion with long wear. The kangaroo leather provides excellent comfort and a firm grip. The Cordura makes sure your gloves hands look stylish, the Gore-Tex keeps it waterproof and warm, while the super fabric makes it abrasion resistant. The only glitch in the deal, for some, could be that the gloves are a bit over the range for some, but, given all the features, it is completely worth the price.

Dainese Black Jack Gloves

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These are classic summer gloves with great vintage style looks. It fulfills your passion for fashion, while simultaneously giving your hands the protection it deserves. Made of goatskin that offers excellent grip as well as durability, with the palm reinforced, these gloves make wearing bike gloves a tempting habit. Also, since these are summer gloves, they have a perforated surface that keeps your hands dry and let them breathe.

The wrists have Velcro cuffs that make sure they don’t slip off your hands easily. And what’s more, for comfort and style in every way, instead of hard plastic knuckles, there are soft, elasticated fabric inserts in the knuckles as well as the back of the hands, and the fingers are pre-curved. Moreover, these gloves are well within your budget, along with having absolute comfort, classic vintage looks, protection. The only drawback in it, according to most users, is the open semicircular space that is formed by the wrist strap, which leads to a comical, lone little tan on the wrist. If you can overcome this little thing, these gloves are the peak of elegant, vintage style bike gloves.

ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle

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This pair of gloves, available in black takes comfort, safety and great looks to a whole new level. The palms are crafted with a non-slip technology using three dimensional plastic lines that improves your grip in moist climates or wet surfaces in general. And the finger joints are built with anti-collision protection. This means that you won’t have to worry about the tips wearing off with constant and regular usage. 

Additionally, the pair of gloves is equipped with a further layer of protection on specific areas like the knuckles, built with an alloy of steel with injection molding. The rugged design definitely protects your hands far more than an average glove could, not to mention its contribution to the appearance of these gloves.

The outer portion is developed with the surface area bearing an U type protection and the arch of the glove fits snugly in accordance to the shape of the back of your hands. Not do they offer the best kind of attention to the protection of your hands, but what screams a biker more than a pair of black leather implanted with steel?

However, on the downside, while the gloves will secure your hands till a temperature that is 5 degrees above the freezing point, it has no extra heat preservation layer that is necessary in colder climates. These are suited more for a summer rendezvous and if you want that long summer trip with your buddies, slip these on and you are good to go.

Reebow Gear Military Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

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When you want comfort, protection, durability, and fashion- all together in a pair of motorcycle gloves, this is the pair you should opt for. Crafted to provide versatility above all else, this pair is built with stretched nylon that allows sufficient perforation for the desired breathability during a long motorcycle ride. You definitely do not want your palms to get sweaty as that will affect your grip. Talking of grip, the material is a non-slip technology that does not fail you in your dire needs.

The stitching is good and holds well and the wrists have adjustable features that fit your hands better than just an elastic pull on. It gets even better, as unlike the usual motorcycle gloves with added features that are a bit o the heavy side, this is seriously lightweight. You won’t have to worry about the corrosion of the material as it is equipped with a wear-resistant affair. The fast-drying features will not let a little shower of a splash deter you from your focus. Built for dexterity and flexibility, this is an all-round pair that will definitely fulfil all your needs. You just have to be careful about choosing the right size while purchasing it as that could be a problem while using it.

Rev’ It Dirt 2

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When you are planning on a long touring ride, you are going to prefer gloves that, along with protecting your hands against accidents and harsh sunburns, also keep your hands dry in rain, and cool on a hot summer day. Rev’ It’s Dirt 2, apart from a really badass name, has a goatskin leather palm that gives it a firmer grip and durability. An automan air stretch mesh at the fingertips and cuffs ensures optimum ventilation that lets your hands breathe properly. 

The knuckles have polyurethane-injected pads which are overlaid with TPU hard-shell knuckles. Also, the gloves have self-contouring temper foam to provide excellent flexibility.

The index finger and the thumb have connected fingertip fabric that allows you to work smoothly on touch-screen devices without having to remove your gloves again and again. The cuffs are short with elastic adjustments at the palms and wrists for that makes the fit neater , the palm sliders are PU rubber, the wrist and backhand have adjustable elastic sewn within folds to keep the gloves in place, there is an overall tri-fleece lining and the palm has a grip patch. And the cherry on the top is its easy affordability. The one drawback of it would be that it is not suitable for wear in winters, due to the stretch mesh. All in all, it is an affordable pair of gloves that is a perfect blend of on-road safety and off-road requirements.

Why Do You Need Motorcycle Gloves?

Whether you are a professional racer or an ordinary man riding the two-wheeler on a daily basis, having at least one good pair of motorcycle gloves is absolutely necessary. As I have pointed out, in the beginning, it is in our nature to catch a sudden fall or trip with outstretched arms, which, in case of a tumble over from a bike, can cause serious injury to not only your savior hands but other body parts too. There is no harm in being cautious right?

And if you don’t want to believe my words, hey! Go ask someone who has left a layer or two of the epidermis from their palms on tar and asphalt while riding a bike with no proper bike gear. Helmet, gloves, boots, and other stuff like a full jacket and full trousers and so on are things you cannot neglect if you care about your safety. And of course, you have to agree, motorcycle gloves bring a wholly different aura to one’s personality.

Now, the question remains, how will you choose the best pair of motorcycle gloves for you?

How to Choose Suitable Motorcycle Gloves

Well, yeah, there are quite a few things to consider before you make a purchase of any kind, let alone a pair of bike riding gloves. For instance, you do want an over-priced pair of gloves that you found out does not fulfill most of your expectations from such a product. Below are some points you would do well to remember before buying the most preferred one out of the lot.

First and foremost, you have to check out the different features that the gloves have, starting from proper flexibility to sufficient ventilation to let your hands breathe, from advanced features like touch-screen ability to the basic feature of being waterproof. Once you get a notion of the various features of different gloves, you can narrow down your choices to the ones you like best and then move on to consider other important factors before choosing the final one.

No matter what product you are buying, quality does matter. When you buy a pair of gloves, you have in mind that it is going to last a long time with you. And the material used to manufacture it should be of trusted brands too. Cheap local products might cost less, but you would be much more satisfied to purchase and use a brand product with proper warranty.

Size is something that you just can NOT ignore while buying motorcycle gloves. When you are off on the road for a longer trip, you do not want your hands to get all clammy due to wearing gloves too tight, nor would you like giant sized gloves that would tend to come off again and again due to its loose fittings. All the products reviewed above have different size options you could pick from. Depending on for whom you are buying the gloves, just pick the correct size, and you should be okay.

Comfort is yet another very important factor to be considered. It goes hand-in-hand with size compatibility. And, having gotten the proper size for your hands, you should also check for any material used in the gloves that you could be allergic to. Flexibility and ventilation are the two most basic and most desired demands from a pair of motorcycle gloves, if you have got them, then you may easily proceed to purchase.

While some of you might not consider money as an important enough factor to be thought of beforehand, for some others, the budget setting is a major deal. If you have a set budget over which you do not want to spend, you just need to filter your searches and once you find a pair of gloves that have all the desired features as well as falls within your budget, don’t wait anymore, just buy it.

My Assessment

I hope that my findings have helped you to know about and choose a good pair of motorcycle gloves. After a wide-ranging research, I chose to review the above five products since they are among the top lists in the market and have been reviewed, rated and recommended repeatedly. There are, of course, a lot of other brands, cheap and expensive, to choose from. If you just keep in mind the above points regarding what factors to consider before buying a new pair of gloves, then you will not have much trouble deciding.

If you are buying online, pay attention to the specifications mentioned for each product. The trick to choosing the best gloves for you would be to ensure that you are getting proper protection, quality, durability, dependability, comfort, ventilation, and fashion, and that you are getting all this at a reasonable price. I, personally, would strongly recommend having a pair of bike gloves to ensure your safety, for your own sake and also for the sake of your family and close ones.

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