Best Kids’ Motorcycle Helmets

TL;DR: 3 Best Kid's Motorcycle Helmets in Our Opinion:

Parents don’t want to live a single stone unturned in ensuring the security of their children. Your little one has just started showing interest in biking, but you’re afraid let him indulge due to the risk involved in it. Your concern is totally understandable but let’s admit it, when you were young, you too wanted to lead a life full of adventures, didn’t you? Street biking is one helluva sport if one masters the art of spinning the two wheels correctly. You can’t expect youth to drive like a champ, of course they’re going to crash a few times and falter for a while. To make sure your child’s learning experience is full of fun and no serious injuries, get him a solid helmet.

The safety components of a kid’s motorcycle helmet are akin to that of an adult’s. The only difference lies in the styling and sizing. Times have changed and today’s toddlers too want to look like a rugged biker. If you throw just about any stupid pinky, Mickey Mousy helmet at them, trust me they won’t bother to wear it most of the time. Take some time out to research a bit for the options available in the stores. The best kids’ motorcycle helmet manufacturers have a huge collection of cool designs in store.

Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets in Our Opinion

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Kids Helmet




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LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior


Mid Range

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Vega Helmets

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Razor Full Face Youth Helmet


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Typhoon Helmets Youth Off road Gear Combo

Typhoon Helmets

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Typhoon Helmets

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Reviews of the Best Kids’ Helmet of All Time

Editor's Rating:

LS2 has been in the business since a long time now and built quite big in the industry. Their strength lies in the quality of the materials they use for making the helmets. From topscale carbon fibre to polycarbonate, they have the best in their stock. The shell is the first line of security in any riding helmet. The aerodynamically staunch shell in LS2 facilitates minimal wind resistance. The helmets contain a number of adjustable air vents that can be tweaked according to the weather.

Open the vents to feel the breeze soothing your face in summer and lock them up in winter for seamless, smooth riding along the pavement. Nobody deals with size issues like LS2 does. The helmets have laser cut liners spread inside for incredible comfort and snug fitting. In order to ensure the interior remains breezy and comfy all the time, the foaming can be removed and rinsed easily.

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Your kids are going to love this for its uber-cool razor graphics. But that doesn’t mean there’s not enough to love about it for the guardian too. Customization is a special highlight of this helmet. Whenever necessary, your child can tailor this street-biking helmet to a snow helmet geared with snow shield. The helmet conforms to the safety standard of ECE and DOT.

For optimal safety against fatal shock, great comfort and aerodynamics, Vega includes a one-of-its-kind Wick-driliner which is completely removable and washable. The full-face design provides invincible coverage from head to neck. The air vents located in various corners can be fully adjusted. The wind can be blocked during the winter to prevent your kid from catching old. And when it’s sweltering hot outside, let cool air pass through the vents relax your nerves.

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Razor Full Face might be exactly the one you’re looking for your young rider. Best suitable for kids between 8-14 year olds, this is one of those rare gears to match the stringent safety rating of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The certification is the testimony of its high security standards, precisely what you want for your kid. The next and perhaps the most powerful protective element is its full face design.

Surprisingly enough, despite of full face coverage, Razor helmets are bedecked with 17 dedicated air vents for advanced air ventilation. Be it exasperatingly humid or bone-chilling cold outside, nothing is going to distract your mind off the road with Razor on your head. The makers are fully aware of the rapid growth of children. Therefore, they have engaged extra comfy padding for effortless adjustability and elevated protection against worst case scenarios.

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Typhoon helmets are a rage among youngsters. Their helmets have simply no competition when it comes to off-road or dirt biking. I suppose your little one has just begun practising motocross, if so then this is one of the most dependable helmets for the beginners. In the combo kit, you’ll get a cool sunglass and a glove for complete protection (and look like a badass wolfpacker too!). 

Plus, it goes light on your head, features removable liners that helps you maintain optimal sanitation, and finally, you can see the sticker of DOT on it that itself speaks for the product’s credibility.

Editor's Rating:

My next suggestion is also a combo kit. Youth Motocross is an entry-level, edgy, stylish and rock solid helmet for ultimate protection during motocross and off-road biking. The liners are removable so, you can easily wipe off the dirt and grime, ensuring an odor-free interior. Like all the afore-mentioned products, this one too complies with the basic criteria of safety issued by DOT. 

The goggles come with strap o stay upright in tremendous motion. Another amazing thing I noticed about this product was the flexibility in sizes, ensuring various sizes for every head shape.

Kids’ Helmet Buying Guide

Solid Interior Padding

During a nightmare scenario on the road, your head and neck region are prone to the nastiest damage. While shopping for a motorcycle helmet for your kids, check the interior of the equipment very cautiously. The interior padding of a helmet has a dual function. First, generous foaming helps reducing neck fatigue after extensive riding. A reliable riding helmet should have generous padding around the cheek, along with a thick inner liner for maximum protection of the head and neck. During a bike crash, the padding acts as a buffer between the head and the object it hits. It absorbs the impact of the shock, preventing it from causing any serious injury to your head region.

Customary Safety Standards

Motorcycles helmets for kids are constructed for both dirt biking and street biking. Regardless of what purposes it serves, the helmet definitely has to be DOT, ECE or SNELL certified. DOT is the basic minimum for any riding helmet. DOT stands for The United States Department of Transport. They set a minimum standard protection requirements. ECE is the European equivalent of DOT. If you want something more concrete and sturdier, especially for motocross, look for a SNELL approved product.

SNELL is a non-profit organisation which puts forth a very strict security rating for the helmets to conform to. SNELL approved helmets are unlikely to fail in the rarest of the rare occasions. It can be one hell of a task to find a SNELL certified helmet and even if you come across one, the expense may surprise you. Nevertheless, it’s the best you can do for your child’s optimal protection.

Aerodynamics and Removable Lining

Extensive riding can get quite tiring for both adults and kids. Without proper air ventilation inside the helmet, kids get exhausted quickly and feel nauseating. Biking becomes the biggest challenge during hot and humid season. So, what can you do to keep your little biker cool? Make sure there are ample of adjustable air vents around the helmet for good air circulation. It also wards of excessive sweat build-up and thus, keeps the interior odor-free and pleasantly breathable. Wearing a dirty, stinking helmet is worse than wearing none. Having a removable and easily washable lining inside the helmet makes it simpler for you to maintain the hygiene of the gear.

Helmet Types

When it comes to picking up a specific style of helmet for your kid, there’s no dearth of variety. From full face to half face, 3/4th to modular, name it and you have it. It needs no separate acknowledgement that full face helmets are the safest riding helmets. It provides full coverage of the head section, expanding up to the neck. If the bike hits the road or any other object real hard, the chances of developing any fatal injury in the head, face or neck are reduced by a great extent. They are also equipped with chin bar to keep the head steady and safeguard the jaw line.

The one and only complain people have with full face helmets is the poor ventilation. Since top section remains fully cloaked, the person inside it feels suffocated after some time, especially during summer. If your kid suffers from asthma, you should get him or her 3/4th or modular helmet. Modular helmets combine the goodness of both full face and 3/4th helmets. Consider a well-designed off-road bike for heightened level of security during dirt biking.

Helmet Size

Toddlers and young kids tend to grow physically quickly. If you buy a taut-fit helmet for them, it will turn extremely tight in perhaps a month or two. It doesn’t mean that I support the strategy of buying a helmet a size up than the actual head size of your child. The biggest problem of wearing a loose helmet is that it may pop out as soon as the bike topples over the road or any other vehicle. It will serve no good at the time your offspring needs it the most. You better aim at selecting a size that fits snugly in his head, even better if it features a chin strap. The best decision is to get him a highly resilient face helmet with ample padding. Soft inner padding helps adjusting inside the helmet easier for everyone. Go through the size chart carefully and pinpoint the size that’s neither too loose nor too tight for the actual head size.


The materials used in building the helmet play a key role in determining the rigidity, weight and resistance of the protective gear. Wearing a heavy-duty helmet during meandering through a smooth road is a distraction you definitely don’t want to obstruct your way. Off-road biking helmets are exclusively designed to tolerate big bloopers, that’s why the construction materials have to deliver their best in the security department. Polycarbonate and poly alloy don’t increase the non-functioning weight of the helmet yet fantastically neutralize massive shock created during an accident. Carbon fibre and fibreglass are mostly utilised in premium-grade helmets and qualify as the safest helmet money can buy.

Brand Value Matters

A brand you’ve never heard the name of cannot be trusted, that too when the subject matter of the topic centers around safety. Before you let your kid put on a helmet, make a thorough research on the background of the retailer. Any established brand now-a-days have their own web portal. One of the many benefits of purchasing something from a well-known brand is the warranty you get on the product. Moreover, branded products won’t take the risk of losing the market by launching uncertified equipments. So, as long as you’re willing to make an investment, make sure it’s worth every penny of it.

Count Your kid’s Opinion Too

I am not in favour of letting your kids choose a right helmet for them. They are naturally going to pick the one that looks funky. It’s good to have a funky helmet decorated with dashing graphics but it’s damn necessary to ensure its safe enough. Well, that doesn’t mean his opinion doesn’t count at all. You know what? He is not going to wear it if he doesn’t end up liking it.

As a guardian, do your bit conducting a hair splitting examination of the safety features, make a list of the promising products and then hand it over to your sugarbabes to decide for themselves. Your duty is to encourage them to practice hard to ace the skill of safe driving. But please don’t forget that they are children, they’ll fall off at the beginning, get some injuries but that’s how we learn things in life, right?

Summing up the Article

Finding the best kids’ motorcycle helmet becomes easy when you have the key qualities to look forward to. Helmets are primarily meant to provide all-round safety to the head, face and neck. In your pursuit, you are bound to come across many fancy items blessed with stunning graphics, don’t let the flamboyant appearance influence your decision. A steady helmet is the one that matches or exceeds the mandatory security ratings of your state and effectively stands the test of time. Please note that motorcycle helmets designed for single time use, which mean once you face an accident or collision, the security of the helmet breaks and you need to get a new one for yourself.

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