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TL;DR: 3 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in Our Opinion:

Bluetooth helmets are a new sensation in the world of biking accessories. As we all know, motorcycle riding involves a certain degree of risk when you’re cruising down the stony roads and meandering through the traffic jam. The golden rule of driving bike is to cover your head with a solid gear to save your life, or for that matter, protect your upper body from getting a lethal fracture. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have rapidly gone widely popular among the new generation bikers who love to stay connected while enjoying thrilling road trips on the wheels. In this article, I have made a humble attempt to compile the crisp, to-the-point and unbiased review of some of the best-selling Bluetooth helmets along with a series of valuable information regarding helmets to mentor you in your hunt for the best Bluetooth helmet.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in Our Opinion

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Bluetooth Helmet



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Nolan N104 N-Com Helmet





BILT Techno



O’Neal Fastrack II











Reviews of the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets  

Editor's Rating:

So at the top of this list of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, we have O’Neal Commander, and for all the worthy reasons. This one master craft from the veneered O’Neal is a league of its own combining stunning exteriors with comfortable interiors and exciting features. A premium quality suede material has been used in structuring the interior area of the helmet. This material is easily washable and possesses an amazing sweat absorbent quality. As a result, you feel replenished and fuelled as ever even after an extensive riding session.

In an effort to cater to every head size, the models have been designed in 6 sizes, ranging from extra small to double XL size. The hard shield is 100% shock proof appareled with an anti-fog screen. Coming to the main feature, the Bluetooth, it claims to offer 10 hours of constant talk time. Moreover, the full stereo speakers deliver high quality sound for music-lovers. The speakers engineer a Commander that automatically switches to the cell phone mode during an incoming call. DOT/ECE and SNELL approval is a must to testify the safety element of any helmet. Thankfully our beloved commander has been certified by both DOT and ECE.

Editor's Rating:

The next leading model owing its origin to the industry-giant Nolan houses a pivoting chin bar with safety steel latch, an easily removable and washable hypoallergenic interior, chin bar events, a safety-dual action Centromatic release and a Jet Stream Wing top vent on a sturdy, anti-scratch polycarbonate shell. The face-guard shield of N-Com has no match.

It is a multi-position, quick change Lexan face-shielding providing rejecting as much as 95% UVA and UBV radiation. The NFR anti-fog insert helps you peer through the blinding fog effortlessly and the velour chin padding keeps the helmet taut on your head. N-com, an abbreviated form of Nolan’s Communication system, engineers an advanced BT device for smooth motorcycle intercom. Connect it with your phone, tablet or i-Pod to enjoy break-free music, GPS navigation and bike-to-bike communication. Note that you’ll need to buy and install an N-Com system additionally to enable the Bluetooth.

Editor's Rating:

The Bilt Techno is a name uttered with respect by seasoned bikers. It combines almost all the mandatory qualities of a premium range BT helmet for an affordable price. The best feature of this product is undoubtedly the Bluetooth intercom technology.
The BT supports even the most antic cell phones, minimizes radio interference, resulting in crystal clear sound quality even at a thundering speed of 70 MPH. 

The metallic paint with double lacquer used on the shell has a wonderful waterproof property. Ah, there’s more to come. You can also pair the BT with another Techno Helmet for ultra convenient bike-to-bike communication with your wolfpacker. To ensure optimal user comfort, the ventilation system and aerodynamics applied in this model favours the motorcyclist during the most adverse driving conditions in summer. Last but definitely not the least, just like any other reliable helmet, BILT techno matches the Dot safety standard. For the fashion-conscious biker buddies, Techno offers attractive out-of-the-box designs in 4 standards colours-black, white, day glow and matte black.

Editor's Rating:

Dedicated bikers having budget issues will love what O’Neal Fastrack II has in store for a reasonable price. The strongest element (literally) of Fastrack II is its feather-light shell. The negotiable weight of fiberglass doesn’t bog down the level of safety from lethal collisions. The product has been tried and tested under extreme conditions and has DOT and ECE approval to vouch for its dependability.

The enhanced ventilation system is facilitated by several ports, allowing access to maximum fresh air inside the fully enclosed frame. O’Neal has rolled out a top-of-the-line multi-directional dual speaker with surround sound for bombastic, crisp and clear stereophonic music that doesn’t fail miserably at a high speed. Bonus point goes for the 5 pounds ultra-light weight of the helmet. It doesn’t put the slightest strain on your neck, therefore even after prolonged wearing, you hardly feel fatigued or exhausted. The helmet comes in two distinct shades of black and two sizes namely, extra small and small.

Editor's Rating:

A helmet that is modular in design and has a BT intercom system adhered inside is a dream helmet for any passionate biker. Comfort and communication are two principal features of HJC-IS Max which has received immense acclaim as a dual-sports motorcycle helmet. Surely the designers’ team has spent a lot of time chalking out such a wonderfully crafted piece combining the best aspects of a motorcycle helmet.

The timeless one button modular flip-up feature bestows the rider with an opportunity to switch from full face to 3/4th mode whenever he wants to enjoy a breath of fresh air. The one touch integrated sun shield keeps your eyes covered, blocks almost 95% of the precarious UV rays and adjusts the screen brightness according to external lighting conditions. The BT device works just right. Special credit goes to the application of CAD technology to facilitate maximum stress-free driving experience. The ventilation is truly HJC – class, you can put on the helmet for hours and not feel drained of all your energy. Whoa!

Editor's Rating:

If you are fine to opt for a product slightly inclined towards the expensive side, TORC T 27 may draw your attention. The abundance of advanced BT features is alone worth the admission of money, let alone the superior comfort and other aspects. It is basically a full-face helmet specially crafted for street biking purposes. Folks who are into bike racing and bike stunts need something exactly as solid as TORC for unmistakable protection against potential crashes.

TORC not only meets but also exceeds the safety standard of DOT and ECE, to ensure full-proof safety, it uses a single button release chin bar as well. The sun visor used in manufacturing provides ultimate optical clarity for enhanced visual of the road. It has made a smart use of Ventauri venting technology in the helmet to ensure effective air circulation inside the shell. The closely packaged design allows a snug fit. The 2.0 BT system can be operated without fuss to pick incoming calls, getting voice directions using GPS and the stereo speakers stream plays music in high octane, what else the savvies can ask for?

Editor's Rating:

People who are as conscious about looks as performance, HJC CL-MAXBT would be a great spin for the money. It has received positive reviews from most of the existing users for all the valid reasons. Built from a sturdy, anti-scratch polycarbonate shell, MAXBT feels fits upright on your head without straining your neck at all. It is presently available in 13 different sizes, choose the one that provides sufficient support your facial bone structure and you’re good to go!

Although there are many stylish colours to choose from, my personal favourite is the matte black finish version. Bold and beautiful ones are best, you see? On top of it, the pre-installed sun visor does an amazing job by shielding your eyes against UV rays, it can be slide down with just a push of a button. By incorporating a unique anti-bacterial nylex material in the helmet, HJC once again proved its constant dedication towards making your journey safer and better. The ACS ventilation system rejects maximum humidity from the interior, maintaining a relaxing temperature inside the helmet.

Editor's Rating:

Hawk’s suave and sleek BT helmet is the go-to option for the ones who wish to sport not just a helmet, but an expression of their personality on their head. It offers features comparable to any high end model in the market at a much lower cost. If that’s not a good enough reason to buy, consider the flip-up design equipped with easy-to-access buttons, plus the incorporation of hi-tech Blinc Bluetooth intercom technology for high quality phone calls and foot-tapping music. 

You can pivot down the specially tinted sun visor when you need it the most. Talking about the safety, Hawk uses a one of a kind material called ABS injection molded shell to construct the first line of safety of the helmet.

Motorcycle Intercom Technology in a Nutshell

Motorcycle intercom technology in a nutshellThe integration of motorcycle intercom technology in standard motorbike helmets can be rendered as a blessing for the passionate bikers. Having said that, I would also like to acknowledge the fact that many folks love to experience solitary riding, away from the humdrum of urban life. Technologically superior helmets like this have shrewdly targeted the generation-Y who are glued to their smart phones 24×7. Picture this, you are out on a weekend trip to the outskirts with your college mates on a sunny Saturday, you would obviously want to stay connected in every road turn. That is when a Bluetooth intercom system hard-wired in your head gear comes into play. Wireless communication, apart from easy hands-free communication, also allows you to listen to F.M radio or play your favorite music on your MP3 player, Smartphone or any other output device. The surprises don’t end here.

The feature I adore the most in this advanced motorcycle helmets is the bonus GPS integration. Yes, you heard it right. A pre-installed turn-by-turn navigation system with a headpiece is mounted inside the helmet. No matter where you want to go, you’ll be provided with accurate road directions irrespective of your location. Gone are the days of removing your gloves frequently to pick up a call, scratching head over a dusty map and asking locals for directions! Most of all, a tough and strong Bluetooth helmet will help you to stay upright on two-wheels through thick and thin.

How to Choose a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Being too stringent about the budget isn’t a very smart thing while choosing a hi-tech motorcycle helmet. Since Bluetooth helmets are no less different from traditional helmets, except they have a pair of Bluetooth speakers assembled in it, the right way to choose a suitable product is principally same as selecting a general bike helmet. Remember, you need a helmet essentially to protect your head from shock in case a crash occurs, all the other features are but bonus. It may appear badass, it may advertise jaw-dropping features, but if the outer shell isn’t up to-the-mark, gladly move onto the next. Below I’ve jotted down some more critical aspects of a quality BT helmet:

Waterproof material

Cross-country motorcycle riders are well-aware of the erratic nature of weather. One moment the sky is cheerfully sunny and the next moment it’s overcast with dense cloud. You can never guess when it starts snowing heavily or raining incessantly. Your Bluetooth helmet should be ready to take challenges every moment, bearing the whims of nature isn’t that easy. The speakers of helmets can go haywire in contact with water. The functionality of the mic and speakers are greatly affected by the sweat and humidity inside the helmet as well. So choose a helmet that offers adecent waterproof solution inside out. You must look for a model that has comfortable cheek pads made from sweat-absorbent materials propped up inside a hard water-proof shell for perfect protection.

Quality of Bluetooth

If the outer shell is the backbone, then the Bluetooth speakers are the life of a Bluetooth integrated helmet. What’s the point of wasting extra money on a BT helmet if the speakers don’t function properly? Majority of the high end models are compatible with almost all kind of communication devices, be it a Smartphone or tablet. Decent speakers should provide a clear, distortion-free sound quality and the range of BT should be at least within 300-400 feet. Folks who desperately want to eliminate any kind of noise while thundering down the lane better opt for a BT enhanced with noise cancellation feature.

Control options

Why are you exactly buying a BT helmet? Just for communication purpose? No, I assume. As I’ve already mentioned before, these Bluetooth enabled helmets also come with FM radio and MP3 player for the music lovers. I once had a BT helmet that produced nothing but noise, I could barely decipher a single word of the person on the line, plus there wasn’t any option to reduce the volume of music! If you’re going to use your helmet for listening to music, it’s extremely important to have a volume control option in the product. The customary hands-free control should let you receive the calls and switch to music player effortlessly.

Graphics and material

Bluetooth helmets come in a variety of sizes, materials and designs to suit the taste of every customer. Scorching heat of summer, thunderstrom, heavy downpour or snowfall, none of these are amiable to the exterior of a helmet. The first target of the weather element is the paint of the shell. So make sure the paint on the helmet is of genuine quality and has waterproof feature. If the paint is of low quality, the helmet will gradually lose its luster. Metallic paints are the best option in this regard as they give good protection against weather and add a nice gloss on the surface.

Advantages of Buying a Bluetooth Helmet

As everything else in the world, these feature-packed, expensive, uber-cool BT helmets are also not free of flaws. It has its fair share of ups and lows. The drift is to balance the two out keeping in view your requirements. Let’s begin with the advantages:

  • First things first, bluetooth helmets have won hearts primarily due to its communication factor. It is a huge pluspoint when you are travelling with a couple of passengers. It’s vital to stay in sync with them on road, especially when the destination isn’t much familiar. The best Bluetooth speakers cover a range of 500 feet that means you can catch up a conversation with your partners who have rushed much ahead or lagging behind you. Roads tripping can’t be more fun than this!
  • Additional features like noise cancellation and voice controls reduces unnecessary distractions and lets you devote full concentration on your driving.BT helmets without voice controls can be painful to the ears if you want to enjoy music. The matter turns worst when the speakers emits distorted sound, much of your time is wasted in understanding what the other person is trying to utter. The top-notch products I’ve reviewed in this article are equipped with quality surround sound speakers providing crisp sound. The graphics on the shell are smacking gorgeous and reflects your vibrant personality.
  • The BT speakers are designed for hands-free communication. It means you don’t have to adjust the cell phone or remove your gloves to pick a call. The phones are received per se while you’re surrendering yourself completely to the motion. The less the disturbance, the better in this regard.
  • The basic function of any helmet is to protect your head. Full-face BT helmets are the highest sold BT enabled helmet models, providing all-round protection from head to neck for off-road bikers. The concrete outer shell absorbs the fatal energy in order to prevent your head from the sudden shock. The interior is neatly decked up with luxurious, comfy cheek pads for easy fit.


  • With big features comes big price tags.BT helmets can cost quite a fortune depending on the brand and abundance of features. A general motorcyclist, more often than not, might not need all these features. However, finding a model that contains only the essential features won’t be backbreaking if you’re guided properly.
  • When you’re keen on getting a helmet that acts like a music player on demand, you have to check out the music feature minutely. Most of the speakers are solely designed for communication purpose. So when it comes to playing music, all you get to hear is distorted screaming having the least semblance with melody whatsoever.

Add-on Features for Full Face Helmets

When the attachment with your existing helmet is too strong to be tarnished, you can resort to an add-on Bluetooth headset kit to convert your full-face or customized ¾th or half-face darling into a new-age BT helmet model. Converting your current helmet to a Bluetooth wireless helmet by mounting a pair of BT speakers is a smart way to save money. All you require is to buy a compatible stereo system and a pair of premium speakers to attach to the side of your helmet. Some of the top-selling Bluetooth headsets you can consider if you’re keen on transforming your beloved standard helmet to an edgy BT helmet without burning a hole in your pocket include Sena SMH5-02, Sena SMH-A0302, and Sena SMH10D-11. These 3 modern marvels under the same label devise the latest two way intercom technology, jog dial coupled with a long-lasting battery life and intuitive interface. Another notable mention will be Blueant F4 Stereo Bluetooth Interphone Motorcycle Kit, best known for its interphone features covering a range of 1640, the highest for any BT helmet so far. Blinc M2, 2x FDC aren’t bad choices either.

Summing Up the Best Bluetooth Helmet Saga

You might be a little apprehensive about shelling out a couple of extra dollars for a protective gear, but not die-hard biking enthusiasts. Famous brands that I’ve mentioned in the list have an enviable collection of stylish designs to make you look like a serious biker. There are designs to suit the fashion sense of everyone. There’s much left to talk about how advanced and useful the features are. If you want to explore the world in swag, you should definitely pick a Bluetooth helmet that gives you the best of what modern technology has to offer.

  • Updated October 25, 2016
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